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Will Alexis Sanchez Gunner Leave OR Stay?

(1167 Views) May 18, 2017 8:33 am | Published by | Comments Off on Will Alexis Sanchez Gunner Leave OR Stay?
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alexis sanchez hints at leaving Arsenal

Alexis Sanchez is playing his heart out for Arsenal in the fight against Liverpool for a 4th place finish in the league to participate in the Champions League next season.

He was not 100% fit during the win over Sunderland few nights ago. Yet, time and time again, he proved to the fans that he would fight till the end.

Arsene Wenger described the Chilean as a devil everytime he gets the ball.

God knows where Arsenal would be now if it weren’t for Alexis Sanchez this season.

Last season, was arguably the best chance for Arsenal to win the league since “The Invincibles” but they drop the bottle towards the end.

Just went everyone thought Arsenal will be right up there to compete for the league, they are now fighting for a 4th place finish which they used to be at.

Arsenal without Alexis Sanchez next season, fair to say, will not stand a chance to win anything because he will leave a big gap to fill by the club.

Earlier of the season, wage issues were reportedly the reason he is not signing a contract along with Mesut Ozil.

Sanchez said it himself, that he loves the club and the fans, the way they play football but the club is not buying good enough players to compete.

As honest as it is, he is right. He can’t carry the whole team on his own the entire season. If he could have greater players as his teammates, Arsenal would really have a good chance to compete for the Premier League.

He wants to win everything he competes in. A fighter, known by his peers.

Playing in Europa League for Arsenal may not be all bad but for a quality player like Alexis Sanchez, only the most prestigious counts.

Time and time again, he insisted that his future lies with the club, questioning their ambition and vision. Only after the FA Cup final, we get to know if the marksman will stay on with the Gunners.