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Alexis Sanchez Due To Take Flight Back To Arsenal BUT…

(1156 Views) August 1, 2017 8:27 am | Published by | Comments Off on Alexis Sanchez Due To Take Flight Back To Arsenal BUT…
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Sanchez returns to Arsenal

What is Sanchez doing in Paris before returning to Arsenal training?

Want away Arsenal star, Alexis Sanchez is due to return to London to meet up with his Arsenal teammates.

But there is a catch, he is flying back from Paris.

So what is he doing in Paris, the city of French club giant PSG?

Earlier today, a pictured was posted around the internet showing Sanchez is at Paris airport on due to fly back to London.

The picture was taken with his claimed to be lawyer who was on the same flight.

sanchez with his lawyer


The Chilean is suppose to be back in London last Sunday during Arsenal’s last Emirates Cup match against Sevilla.

He was due to report to duty on the same day with Mustafi.

Few days before reporting to training last week, he posted a picture in his Instagram claiming that he is sick. Thus, his return was postponed to this coming Tuesday.

Enfermo sick

A post shared by Alexis Sanchez (@alexis_officia1) on

Arsene Wenger said in an interview after winning the Emirates Cup that he is in touch with Alexis Sanchez through text messages and a doctor was sent to Chile to confirm that he is indeed sick.

“He will return to training on Tuesday”, Wenger added.

Some suggested that he fake the flu to get an excuse to postpone his return to discuss a move to leave Arsenal.

A source claims earlier last week that Neymar wants PSG to sign Sanchez which add on to rumors why he was at Paris.

Neymar claimed to have wanted the Arsenal forward in PSG. Neymar world record transfer to PSG is very close and could be done as early as the end of the week.