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Arsenal Looking To Sell Ozil In January

(1227 Views) October 17, 2017 4:41 pm | Published by | Comments Off on Arsenal Looking To Sell Ozil In January
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arsenal looking to sell ozil

Wenger have given up hope on Mesut Ozil.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has been questioned in every pre-match press conference regarding Ozil and Sanchez contract situation.

Everytime, he stands his ground on keeping both players.

But it took a turn last week after Wenger admits that both their star players could leave as early as January.

The German midfielder came on as a substitute during 2-1 loss at Watford.

Nothing surprise as usual because Ozil did not perform up to expectation yet again.

If we look back at Ozil’s career at Arsenal, I think we have enough to count with our ten fingers on how many games he actually performed well.

Considering the hype of his quality and his price tag, he should do more of course.

The manager has backed him up every single time.

Although Ozil has created the most chances in Premier League ever since he arrived, his lack of commitment during the game cost Arsenal big time.

He wants a £275,000 a week to stay and United are looking to reunite him with Jose Mourinho.

Some source claimed that the midfielder have no where to go if he wants that pay. No team will take a risk on a player that has not been up to class.

Maybe Arsene Wenger has finally given up Ozil and Sanchez who has contributed almost nothing to the season so far.

Might as well sell them for cash instead of letting them leave for nothing at the end of the season.

But on the other side, Seni Fantasy thinks that both Arsenal and Ozil does not want to end the relationship yet.

Both parties have not publicly spoke out about this yet and although the midfielder cuts a frustrating figure in the pitch, he is very much likely committed to the club too.

He have come out a few times to claimed how much he loves London and the club and also Wenger.

If Arsenal are to go back to be a Premier League contender they do need him and Sanchez in the best possible mindset.

The Gunners are not looking like a top team at the moment the way they are playing.

Sloppy, silly mistakes, boring football.

Whenever there are in a small lead and going on attacking, Wenger tends to switch tactic to defensive and invite their opponents to attack them.

With the quality players the team have, there is no reason to call them to defend unless Wenger are afraid of losing the lead towards the end.

They can park the bus just like Mourinho but eventually, they will still concede as their defenders are not really specialize or known as very good defenders.

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