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Asensio With Another Stunner To Help Dominant Madrid Clinch Spanish Super Cup

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asensio stunner help real clinch spanish super cup

Marco Asensio with another wonder-goal, Barcelona is a mess.

Zidane was without Ronaldo and Bale was an unused substitute but its not a problem as Asensio once again proved why he was selected by the coach.

It is because he delivers every single time!

He scored in every competition debut for Real Madrid as follow:

  1. European Super Cup
  2. La Liga
  3. Champions League
  4. Copa Del Rey
  5. Spanish Super Cup

He is young, he is talented and he only cost Real close to £4 million from Mallorca two season ago.

Now he is worth more than £100 million and the world at his feet. Asensio is looking every bit of a player that will make it big in the future.

Barcelona were losing 3-1 in aggregate after the first leg at Nou Camp where Asensio scored a stunning drive for his team’s third goal.

The Catalans needed to response to critics by putting in a comeback but the marksman have other ideas.

He make sure Barcelona stay put from where they left off.

Right from the kick off, Asensio picks up the ball from the left running away from the full back squares the ball back to Modric.

The Croatian attempt with outside of his foot comes of Umtiti and Barcelona is already at danger right from the start.

Before the Catalans can regroup themselves, Asensio controls the ball outside the penalty area with no one marking him.

Plenty of room and space. Barcelona defenders backs off and Asensio make them pay.

He launched a stunning left foot curler into the top corner with Ter Stegen did not react to it due to the speed and dip of the ball.

asensio scores stunner

Zidane reaction during the replay says it all. A proud manager who is witnessing a great potential player rising in the Bernabeu.

4-1 in aggregate and the tie is already over with Barcelona needs to score 4 goals to win the tie.

Messi looks isolated without Neymar as he looks like the only player in the pitch that could make something happen for Barcelona.

But there is only so much he can do even if Suarez were on the pitch. Not having Neymar on the side of the pitch means there is no dribblers that go at defender but Messi.

Which means, Real only needs to worry about Messi for driving straight at them while the rest will just be keeping the possession most of the time.

That is why Barcelona is in pursuit of Countinho and Dembele to strengthen their wide positions.

Real looks to increase the aggregate by playing quick and fast counter attack to advantage of Barcelona putting all the men forward to catch the score.

Barcelona is doing suicide move and play exactly into Real’s hand.

Everytime Real Madrid counter attacks, they look like scoring with Barcelona defenders running back just to save the day.

Benzema capitalize on Mascherano slow release of the ball and stole the possession in Barcelona’s defending third.

He lays if off to Lucas Vasquez but his left foot shot hit the post and off to give Barcelona a big scare.

And Real Madrid is still not stepping on brakes.

On the 38th minutes, Marceloa dribbles down the by line and drags a low cross into the penalty area.

benzema secures the win

Umtiti was standing in the path of the cross but did not react to it. Benzema sneak from behind the defender and flicks the ball up before volleys it home perfectly.

The defender is to be blame for the goal for sure. Barcelona players looks dejected and out of place. The tie is over and there is still one more half to play.

Barcelona starts the game with a new 3-5-2 formation which they have not tested it and Valverde has yet to prove his worth to the fans and the players that he is the right man for the job.

Benzema is currently posting alot of pictures and stories in his Instagram profile that shows him working out hard to prepare for the season.

He certainly looks sharper than before and is hard to stop him when he is fit to add on to his great finishing touches that Zidane still admires till this day.

Gerard Pique has recently told the media that his instagram post that quotes “he stays” about Neymar situation was to try convinced the Brazilian to change his mind although he knows that Neymar is sure to leave.

gerard pique tease by madrid fans

This made Barcelona furious of his public meltdown and when he was subbed on the 50th minutes last night, Madrid fans chanted “he stays” during his substitution to embarrassed the defender. Pretty sure he will be more careful for what he says now.

Minutes later, Lionel Messi caught Real on the break but his chip over the goalkeeper came off the bar.

Nothing is working for Barcelona at the moment.

Benzema then tries to score again with a tight angle effort but the Ter Stegen looks to save the ball with the tip of his shoulder.

The looks of Barcelona players are so moody that you can sense there are a lot of trouble going on with the club. They are not ready for the new season at all.

Suarez had a empty goal to aim at but his diving header came off the post after catching the rebound from Messi’s shot. This just sums up their evening really.

Messi reaction says it all. Although Barcelona has announced Messi will extend his contract, he is yet to sign. Guessing that he will probably delay it a little while more now.

Real looks to not risk going forward and took their foot off a little bit knowing that Barcelona would not make a comeback and end the game with a convincing win.

One incident that was caught by the camera that Real fans will enjoy the victory more is when Ramos teases Messi.

The Argentinian looks to get the ball off Ramos hand to continue the play but the defender throws the ball over the head of Messi which pisses the Barcelona forward.

ramos teased messi

The La Liga season is coming very soon and if Barcelona continue the way they plays over the last two leg in the Spanish Super Cup, they will not even had it easy against other Spanish cups, let alone Real Madrid.

Even without Ronaldo and Bale, Madrid is already on top gear and ready to speed off from their rivals.

Let’s see if the arrival of Coutinho and Dembele will be able to replace the huge gap difference left by Neymar.

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