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Real Madrid Could Let Gareth Bale Leave After Injury Prone Issues

(1114 Views) October 27, 2017 5:17 pm | Published by | Comments Off on Real Madrid Could Let Gareth Bale Leave After Injury Prone Issues
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bale could leave madrid

Bale is running out of time to keep his place.

Real Madrid winger Gareth Bale was linked with Man United last summer after Jose Mourinho has publicly spoke about making a move for the player.

But both the club and the player himself have rejected the advancement of United.

Mourinho knows he has no chance of signing the Wales winger unless Bale ask to move away.

The star player’s career in Spain has not been going well as expected after he signed for arguably the biggest club in the world in 2013.

He won the Copa Del Rey and Champions League in his first season and another two Champions League in previous two seasons.

Although the achievement has been met for him personally, his injury is the biggest issue yet.

He still has not play for Real a season with injury free.

Every season, there seems to be injury that cost him to be sidelined for a long period of time.

Probably due to his price tag, the fans expect better everytime.

His record is not bad at all to be honest. Featured in 159 times for Real and 70 goals.

For ratios like that, he could be a star in many other teams.

Madrid fans are known to be very critical on how the players perform in games especially towards British players.

David Beckham, Michael Owen, Gravesen (maybe not), Steve McManaman have all played for Real Madrid before and have their moments.

But they will not be regard as on the best that has played for the club.

By far, we would say Bale class stand out among those mentioned above.

But apparently, it could still prove not enough to be the fans favourite.

Getting booed and not having support from your fans is very hurtful for a player that tried his very best for the club.

Manager Zinedine Zidane has always support and backed Bale during his injury layoff and poor performances.

This season, Real has few string players who stands out whenever they play.

Marco Asensio, Lucas Vasquez, Daniel Ceballos has all proved a point when Zidane come calling.

Especially Asensio, who is most likely to be the favourite among them.

The manager has recently claimed in a press conference that Bale is ready to get back into first team training without disclosing any return date.

Will Bale get back straight into the starting lineup after brilliant performances from few string players?

If his injury problems will affect his career long term, we believe Real and Bale himself could looks for different alternatives and part ways.

The club would not want a long term injury player that costs high wages and would definitely willing to develop more talented young and homegrown players up the rank.

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