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DONE DEAL! Barcelona Announced Neymar Is Leaving To PSG

(1155 Views) August 3, 2017 3:47 am | Published by | Comments Off on DONE DEAL! Barcelona Announced Neymar Is Leaving To PSG
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neymar set for psg medical

Messi post emotional farewell video message to his pal Neymar.

All set and done now for Neymar.

After weeks of divided opinions and rumors of Neymar’s future, the real truth has been revealed in a very fast pace yesterday.

The Barcelona star arrived back in Barcelona yesterday to say his farewell to his teammates of 4 years.

He left the training ground after less than one hour after given permission by Barcelona to skipped the training.

Although Barcelona confirmed the news officially, they still did not give out of Neymar transfer.

BUT! Not until Messi’s farewell message to Neymar.

The Messiah post a video compilation of him and his pal with a touching message wishing Neymar good luck on his next adventure and been a pleasure to be able to play with him.

The video put all rumors to bed.

And finally all football fans have been convinced that Neymar is indeed leaving Barcelona and MSN trio partnership are broken.

Speculations that claimed the friendship is in turmoil is also not true as Neymar replied to Messi’s video in the comment saying “thank you brother. I will miss you uncle”.

messi neymar conversation

The Brazilian refers Messi as “uncle” proves their close relationship and will always be in the future.

Neymar was pictured arriving in Porto hours after leaving Barca training ground.

He was reported to have passed his medical in Porto with former Barcelona and PSG player Maxwell waiting for him.

It was claimed that Maxwell played a big part in luring Dani Alves to snub City and convinced Veratti to forget about a move to Barcelona this summer.

Neymar’s agent has said that deal will be done in 48 hours and his client will be presented by PSG as early as Friday.

The deal would cost £198 million, which breaks Pobga record transfer to Man United of £89 million. That is more than twice the amount.

Talk about overprice football players!

The Samba magician will be earning £596,000 a week in Paris and also reported to be receiving a bumper £45 million for just a signing on fee.

Total amount that PSG would spent for the next 5 years for Neymar only would be around £398 million.

Case closed ladies and gentleman. Now let’s just sit back and watch how big the scale of Neymar’s PSG revealing would be.

Zlatan’s PSG unveiling was already considered a big scale after presented to the public in front of Eiffel Tower. God knows what PSG will do to top that.