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Can Chelsea win the title later tonight?

(1015 Views) May 12, 2017 8:17 am | Published by | Comments Off on Can Chelsea win the title later tonight?
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Little chance for Chelsea to slip up as we prepare to announce our new Premier League Champion

Odds that Chelsea will not claim the title today are unlikely to happen.

After their convincing win against Middlesbrough few days ago, Conte’s men look to step up to the plate today to crush any hope left for Tottenham hoping for a miracle in only a few games left in the championship race.

There is report claiming that the players will get £5million bonus to share among themselves if they seal the Premier League title.

Chelsea made a slow start to the season under Conte’s debut as their manager. But lost against Arsenal triggered the need of change to Conte.

A deserved lost because if it weren’t for the poor form in the early season, Conte wouldn’t have change the team for the better.

How Chelsea turn their season around?

Conte managed to bring up Hazard into the spotlight again after the latter was criticized for his performance last season that triggered the sack of Jose Mourinho.

He even bought back David Luiz from french giant PSG, that most feel like its a mistake to bring him back.

The Brazillian has turned into a new leaf under the manager this season and proved that he belongs as being one of the great defenders in the world.

Of course, the PFA Player of the Year, N’golo Kante has to be given every credit as he runs the show in the middle of park almost every time he plays.

Tracking back and defending, intercepting pass, scoring important goals, he basically controls the flow of how Chelsea plays. It is rare for defensive midfielder to win the PFA Player of The Year.

Thus, this shows he has done something that worth the praise that could outdo a prolific goalscorer or playmaker. Amazing season for him.

Of course, Diego Costa who is reported to be leaving a couple of times has score goals when it matters.

Anyhow, all signs are pointing for Chelsea to claim the title later tonight.

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