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Coutinho Is Watched By Barcelona Scout During Tottenham Match

(1968 Views) October 23, 2017 4:03 pm | Published by | Comments Off on Coutinho Is Watched By Barcelona Scout During Tottenham Match
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coutinho watched by barcelona again

Barcelona looks set to try again for Coutinho.

Tottenham clash against Liverpool last night was a result of catastrophe for the Reds.

Coutinho could not stop his team from their 4-1 humiliation under the hands of Harry Kane and Tottenham.

All four goals Liverpool conceded was lead up by defensive errors.

Liverpool thrashed Arsenal 4-0 last August and was the talk of the town as the team that could be a top contender for the league.

Little did we know, they have since lost 5-0 to City and 4-1 to Tottenham last night.

The Reds are the team that conceded most away goals in the league this season.

Mohamed Salah has already proven to be a great signing after scoring 5 goals in 9 league games.

Coutinho came back to the team later than everyone else due to a “back injury” and emotional stress after losing out a move to Barcelona in the summer.

He vows to focus to play for Liverpool and have scored 2 important league goals so far.

Yesterday’s match against high flying Tottenham was his chance to prove that he can help Liverpool to compete against top teams.

Sad to tell, he could not prevent an embarassing defeat.

But MAYBE there is something that can cheer him up.

It was reported that Barcelona sporting director was in the stands last night.

It is not a question who the scout was watching.

Barcelona said to be very confident that they could land the Brazilian in January.

There were also some rumors stated that Liverpool have promised Coutinho that they will listen to Barcelona offers in January only if he play his best till then.

No trusted source have been confirmed on this but after last night defeat, Klopp looks to have given some hints regarding Coutinho.

Before Coutinho play for Liverpool this season, Klopp has publicly refused to claim and strongly proclaimed that Coutinho is not for sale at any price even after the player have submitted a transfer request.

But during the post-match press conference, “We don’t talk about this things now. It is not important now. We only talk about this things in January, June or July”.

Either the manager is too mad about the results that he does not wish to talk about any transfer situations or have known beforehand that Coutinho could possibly still leave in January or else he would have stamp his word like he did previously.

The transfer between Coutinho and Barcelona has been heat up once again and there will only be more fire being reignite is about 2 months time till transfer window reopens.