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Cristiano Ronaldo Is The Man In World Football At The Moment

(1414 Views) June 5, 2017 4:39 am | Published by | Comments Off on Cristiano Ronaldo Is The Man In World Football At The Moment
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ronaldo back to back champions league triumph

Ronaldo has now reached 600 career goals after brace in Champions League final

Ronaldo is 32 in age and has been written off and bad mouthed countless of times.

Every season, there are people who wants to see him fail for all his arrogant and confidence.

Millions of dollars from endorsement, sponsors, wages, commercial. He even has his own fashion wear named after him and also have built several hotels of his own.

He wants to live like a king. He wants to be treated like a king. He wants them all.

The number speaks for himself. The only critics Ronaldo will take is from his own.

He is his own worst critics. He always wants to win games for his club and country.

Playing to attract and stand out from the rest, he wants to be the one who score all the goals and decisive goals.

He loves scoring so much that its rare to see him turning provider.

Including this season, Ronaldo has now scored at least 50 goals combine for club and country for seventh consecutive season.

During last weekend Champions League final, he has helped Real Madrid and coach Zinedine Zidane to be the first club and coach to win the competition back to back.

Real Madrid has now won the Champions League 12th time, more than any club in Europe and Ronaldo has lifted 4 times himself. 1 in Man United and 3 in Real Madrid.

Being part of the team is good, but Ronaldo wants to be the man who make his presence felt especially during important games.

Zinedine Zidane said after the final that Ronaldo is better than he was.

Call it cocky or selfish, it’s because of those attitude of his that make him the player he is today.

Look at the number of goals that Ronaldo produce every year, it is all down to his hard work and dedication to keep himself fit and ready every week.

Legends like the Brazillian Ronaldo and Ronaldinho can only shine for a few years but Cristiano has been doing it for decades and the only player who can rival his achievement is the great Lionel Messi.


ronaldo back to back champions league triumph

Cristiano Ronaldo always steps up to the plate whenever his team needs him.

Players at his age will opt for smaller roles and responsibilities for their club as they may not be as quick or injured easily.

But Ronaldo always maintain his good figure and fitness regime to maintain in top condition.

He is not as fast as he is used to, but he is more sharper than before.

He is always on time to intercepts the ball. Make little but effective movement and he is also great in the air and a great eye for goal.

This season, his movement off the ball is so good that he is always at the right time at the right place.

Unless there is conspiracy in FIFA, there is no way Ronaldo wouldn’t win the Badlon d’Or for the fifth time to bring him equal with Messi.

Football fans around the world have to appreciate what Ronaldo and Messi have done for football in the last decades as they are both going near the end of the careers.