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Messi Scored 100th European Goals, Barcelona Maintain 100% record

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Messi scored 100th european goals

Lionel Messi make it into Champions League centenarian club.

A brilliant free kick from the maestro Lionel Messi himself cap off a brilliant convincing win in last night Champions League match against Olympiakos.

His free marks his 100th European goals. 97 in the Champions League and 3 in UEFA Super Cup.

Only Ronaldo has scored more with 111 goals in European Competitions.

The Messiah has been by far the best player in the team this season.

Although that is no surprise.

But with quality teammates, you would have expect they will lessen up the burden and take more responsibility.

Touch, dribble, shoot, pass. Everything he does on the pitch make so much sense and deserved all the credit.

He has scored 15 goals in all competitions so far.

FACT! Do you know who is the second top goal scorer for Barcelona this season?

OWN GOAL! 5 own goals Barcelona’s opponent scored and it is still more goals than the likes of Luis Suarez who you would expect to do more.

Without Messi, Barcelona will not be where they are now.

Players performance especially defends and forwards are so lacking.

The only thing worth watching Barcelona this season is because Messi’s heroic shadows their flaw.

He would get the ball in the circle, dribble way up, diagonal ball to the side or to the front.

Perfect through ball, and his teammates will convert almost none every game.

Especially Luis Suarez. You expect more from the Uruguayan for his quality as a center forward.

Everytime he is put through one-on-one or stumble upon a clear cut chance, he miss it.

If the others don’t step up, and Messi good form runs out, Barcelona will be in serious trouble.

The team obviously need more different goalscorers to gain extra confidence for the team and players themselves.

Ttheir flaws is hidden under the light of Messi, thus is not noticeable but it will, when the season goes on.

In the meantime, we only have to be in awe the greatness of Messi.

Strong season so far.

15 goals in all competitions, brought Argentina to the World Cup by himself, and hat-trick of children very soon.

Keep going Leo!

Familia de 5❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #blessed??????

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