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Messi Is Owed The World Cup By Football Said Sampaoli

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Messi put on his best performance in an Argentina shirt.

Lionel Messi and Argentina needed to win their last qualifying match against Ecuador to have any hope of qualifying for the Russia World Cup.

They sit sixth on the table before the final match and based on the way they play in their last three qualifying match, there are no hopes of qualifying.

Every newspapers sport section all over the world questioned if Messi would miss the biggest tournament in world football.

It doesn’t matter how well Messi plays, if Argentina do not win, he gets the blame.

Still, he carry his team on his shoulder through all the difficult times.

Last night, he comes up when it matters the most.

Hi teammate, his country needs him.

He answers them. With a hat-trick!

messi hat-trick

Argentina hope of qualifying was in doubt at the very first minute after Ecuador scored from the kick off.

The best player not just knew how to win, but know how to win when they are backed against the wall.

Messi steps up and scored 2 goals in the space of 8 minutes in the first half to reverse the lead.

He make sure of the 3 points with a stunning solo goal for his third.

Speaking after the match, Argentina coach Sampaoli said that he told his team to help Messi, regards as the best player in the history of football to win the World Cup.

They came close last tournament after losing 1-0 to Germany.

The coach also added that football owed Messi the World Cup, not that his star player owe the world football a World Cup.

Yesterday’s game is by far the greatest performance by Messi while representing his country. He is still being compared with Diego Maradona for his non-World Cup triump compare to the legend himself.

If he wins the World Cup next year, probably his last, maybe then Maradona could be out of the equation as the greatest Argentina football player.

Lionel Messi were trending in social media right after his heroic performance.

Teammates Dybala, Mascherano, Icardi and his lovely wife all pours tribute to Messiah!

Vamos Argentina ???????? #yoamoamiseleccion

A post shared by Paulo Dybala (@paulodybala) on

Mas Unidos que nunca !!!!!

A post shared by Javier Mascherano (@mascherano14) on

Con el mejor de la historia sin dudas ?⚪️?? #messi @leomessi #MI9

A post shared by Mauro Icardi (@mauroicardi) on

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