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Neymar Arrived Back In Barcelona And Out In Less Than An Hour

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neymar arrived back at barcelona

Anti Neymar fans put up banners to criticize his decision.

One third of MSN, Neymar is certain to leave Barcelona and is ever closer now.

Earlier today, Neymar drove into Barcelona training ground and left in less than an hour.

A radio station in Spain claimed that the forward went to say his goodbye to his teammates.

Barcelona also confirmed earlier that they have given permission for Neymar to skip the training session.

The Catalan club has help Neymar grown into one of the best players in the world.

His relationship with Messi and Suarez on and off the pitch is known to be very good.

Who would have thought the Brazilian will turn his back at Messi and Suarez.

His attitude throughout this transfer saga has deemed unprofessional after resist himself from speaking about his future in public and make rumors spreading like crazy.

It create unnecessary and discomfort feelings around the dressing room and the relationship between Neymar and his teammates.

He could have handle it more better for sure.

The distant feelings between Neymar and Barcelona is so sudden as the mutual respect and relationship is always healthy.

Does the money PSG offered to hard to resist or the forward is fed up on playing as Messi’s shadow in Barcelona?

Yesterday, Neymar posted few pictures online in his Instagram telling the world he is at Dubai which was rumored to be en route to meeting with PSG owners.

Barcelona fans threw so much of hate comments and to extent, there are anti-Neymar fans who put up banners that called him a “traitor”.

The banners was said to be around Barcelona training ground and we are sure he would have seen at least one on his way to the training ground earlier today.

Barcelona are now said to have given up hope on Neymar and is fed up with his antics that cause discomfort around the club and players.

They are now looking to cash in on Neymar and rumored to be interested in Griezmann, Dybala, Di Maria, and Ousmane Dembele to replace the Barcelona star.

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