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EXCLUSIVE: Neymar Arrived In Dubai For World Record Move To PSG

(1445 Views) August 1, 2017 10:50 am | Published by | Comments Off on EXCLUSIVE: Neymar Arrived In Dubai For World Record Move To PSG
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neymar set for psgNeymar landed in Dubai and posted hidden message in Instagram.

Neymar has made it even clearer now that he is ready to move to PSG after previous report claimed that he said his farewell to Real Madrid players in their dressing room.

He have just landed in Dubai before taking a flight to Doha where he reportedly will be having a medical and a possible meet up with PSG owner.

The Barcelona player just finished his promotional activities duty in China and filmed himself in Instagram story showing that he has landed in Dubai.

He also post a cryptic bible reference message which means that he is now staying mentally strong despite facing difficult situation.

neymar cryptic message


To who the message were meant to?

One video found in the internet which films the forward given the cold shoulder by Messi and Suarez after being substituted in their pre-season friendly against Real Madrid.

The video above is credited to the owner

Guessed that probably Neymar has already told them about the decision he made to join the French giants.

Alves told in an interview earlier in the week that he will support Neymar’s decision and tell his Brazil compatriot to be brave just like he did in leaving Barcelona and Juventus.

Arch rivals Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos, has made himself clear that he wished Neymar would leave to PSG so that he have one less problem to face the next time Madrid face Barcelona.

After stating that he is at Dubai, Neymar is getting alot of hate comments on his Instagram claiming that he is money minded and turn his back on Barcelona and his “pal” Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez.

Pretty sure in the next 48 hours, the Neymar transfer saga will come to a better conclusion.

If the move do succeed, Neymar will be the most expensive football player in the world, beating Pogba transfer fee move to Man United last summer.