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Is Neymar Doing A Ronaldo? Or Is He Set To Leave Barca?

(1566 Views) July 31, 2017 4:57 am | Published by | Comments Off on Is Neymar Doing A Ronaldo? Or Is He Set To Leave Barca?
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neymar closing to PSG move

Neymar appears to have set to leave Barcelona.

Barcelona forward Neymar has been the talk of the transfer window for the past weeks.

He is very heavily link with PSG set to bid with a world record fee that triggers his release clause in his current contract.

Up till now, there are number of trusted  source that claims the forward is set to leave Barcelona and have told his teammates about it.

There are meetings happened between his father with PSG and Barcelona reportedly.

Last week, Neymar have a bust up in training with new signing Nelson Semedo and left the training very angrily.

Two days ago, Barcelona defeated Real Madrid in a friendly El-Clasico and there are pictures showing Neymar was in talk with former Real Madrid striker Julio Baptista.

neymar with baptista

A short video was also released filming Neymar was in Real Madrid dressing room after the match for 15 minutes. A source claims that he said his farewell to their arch rivals.

He was seen moving back to his dressing room with jersey of Ramos and Marcelo in his hands.

neymar with ramos and marcelo jersey

After all this rumors, Neymar has not speak out about his future. Club captain, Andre Iniesta was said to have told Neymar to declare his future as soon as possible.

So why has he not said anything about all this? Is he doing a Ronaldo? A month ago, Ronaldo was set to leave Real Madrid after tax fraud incident. He reportedly told Real Madrid to sell him to Manchester United as he is fed up of being accused for something that he did not do. He too, did not speak about his future until today.

Just recently, Cristiano Ronaldo rumors has winded down after rumors claimed that Ronaldo is playing mind games with Real Madrid to proof his importance to the club and wants Real Madrid to pay for his fine if he were to be prosecuted for tax fraud.

Neymar could be doing exactly just that. He has been playing second fiddle to close pal Lionel Messi in Barcelona.

It is very hard to be the most important player in Barcelona when Lionel Messi is still around.

Neymar’s ambition is always to be the world best player but it will be long coming if he is playing under Messi’s shadow.

With him not declaring anything to the public, it’s either he is set to leave or he is doing a Ronaldo.

Despite all these rumors, the MSN friendship is still strong during their pre-season tour in the US.

Neymar was definitely the star of the tour after emphatic display against Juventus, United and Real Madrid.

Let’s hope Neymar do not keep everyone waiting and announce his desires in coming days.

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