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Still MSN! Neymar Reunited With Messi and Suarez

(1529 Views) August 23, 2017 4:20 am | Published by | Comments Off on Still MSN! Neymar Reunited With Messi and Suarez
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Neymar reunited with Messi and SuarezWhat rift? Neymar reunited with ex-Barcelona teammates.

Yesterday, Barcelona fans have something to be happy about after knowing Neymar is still very close with ex-teammates of Barcelona.

Barcelona confirmed on Tuesday that the club will sue Neymar after the player breached his agreement he signed last year.

Hours later, the MSN photos appeared and went viral over the internet. The trio reunited for Neymar’s son birthday that held in Catalonia.

Ivan Rakitic, Gerard Pique, Dani Alves, Paulinho were there to meet up with their ex-teammates.


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Neymar posted a photo on his official Instagram showing he still has friends in Barcelona and Messi also posted a MSN only picture on his account much delight to most of Barcelona fans.

Volvió @3gerardpique

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The picture comes hours after Barcelona publicly announced that they will sue Neymar in court but their best players are hanging out with the Brazilian.

Neymar spoke out about his dissatisfaction after his PSG home debut about Barcelona directors claiming there are “some people” that does not belong in the board.

There are certainly problems within Barcelona as their best players are not really in sync with the club.

To make things worse, Messi still has not sign the pre-agreed deal and will decide on his future after seeing how Barcelona will do in the transfer window.

Gerard Pique was troll by public after he posted a picture with Neymar quoting “he stays” but eventually the Brazilian still left and end up being criticized by Barcelona and trolled by Real Madrid fans.

Neymar of course, wouldn’t miss the chance and took the exact same photo and quoted “he stays” as well to troll the defender.

Se queda @3gerardpique

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For those who think there are rift between the MSN, sorry but MSN still lives on.