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Pep Guardiola Laughs At Idea Of Ending The Season Unbeaten

(1121 Views) October 23, 2017 4:40 pm | Published by | Comments Off on Pep Guardiola Laughs At Idea Of Ending The Season Unbeaten
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guardiola says city cant go unbeaten

Guardiola: We will struggle

After fail to meet high expectations last season, Guardiola splash the cash last summer and build on a great momentum right from the start of the season.

There are leading 5 points from their closest rival Manchester United, scored 32 goals, 10 more than Mourinho’s team and won their last 11 games equaling the club record.

Sergio Aguero and Gabriel Jesus looks to be able to play with each other by scoring and setting up one another.

New assist king have emerged in Kevin De Bruyne as he is the heart of the City team right now.

Sterling too have come off firing in all cylinders.

Strong defenders, brilliant midfielders, scoring forwards.

City have everything this season.

They pressure to get the ball back as soon as they lose the ball and keep the ball so beautifully just like Pep’s Barcelona.

But after great start to the season, Guardiola insist that his team will not repeat Arsenal’s “Invincibles” team in going through the entire season unbeaten.

“It is ridiculous to have that kind of record. It’s impossible because there are many competitive games more than ever” he said.

He compared his side with Golden State Warriors, the current NBA champions.

“Even Golden State Warriors can sometimes lose games and it will happen to us. When we do lose, we will be able to see and test our character after the defeat.” he added.

Can’t blame Pep though. When Arsenal went unbeaten, there are the only one of three or four teams that could really win the league.

Now, up to 6 teams have so much potential to win the league.

To add on, the money monopoly game does not happen back then.

Now, almost all the top European clubs have super mega rich owners where cash are almost unlimited.

Players wages and value have gone up so high compare to more than a decade ago.

In this era, if the club have money, the club can compete.

But if City do go the entire season without losing, their achievement will be even greater than Arsenal’s “Invincibles” just based on the competitiveness of the league right now.