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Alexis Sanchez Demands £400,000 A Week To Sign New Deal

(1540 Views) July 6, 2017 9:19 am | Published by | Comments Off on Alexis Sanchez Demands £400,000 A Week To Sign New Deal
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alexis sanchez demands pay raise to sign

“Give me £400,000 a week and I will sign”says Sanchez.

What is Alexis Sanchez planning? Although Arsenal have signed Kolasinac and Lacazette from Schalke and Lyon respectively, they are still struggling to tie Sanchez and Ozil to sign a new deal.

Alexis is currently earning £275,000 a week with Ozil.

Ozil is already back in London to prepare for Arsenal pre-season training for their Sydney tour while Alexis Sanchez just finished the Confiderations Cup with Chile winning the runners up medal.

Previous reports claimed that both Sanchez and Ozil are going to stand their ground to earn £350,000 a week to sign.

Till now, Arsenal have still not make any progression on both the players contract.

Bayern was the favourite coming into this but pulled of last week after manager Carlo Ancelotti said in an interview that the German giants will not pay a huge sum of money to sign a player. Source claims that Sanchez proposed huge demands to Bayern and the deal got cut off.

Manchester City now stands the only possibilities of signing him but Arsene Wenger refused to sell him to their league rivals.

Things just got worse for Arsenal after news reported that Sanchez now wants £400,000 a week to sign a new deal after claiming he will settle for just £350,000 per week.

It really frustrates the Arsenal fans and they are beginning to question his loyalty and desire to play for Arsenal.

Surely he is up there as one the best players in the world right now but if his demand is really hard to be taken, Wenger would have no choice to sell him rather than letting him run down his contract.

He looks firmly to stand his ground on his pay raise. It’s either he is playing mind games with the club or he is really looking to leave Arsenal by giving heavy demands.