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Arsene Wenger Revealed Alexis Sanchez Is Out…

(1329 Views) August 9, 2017 10:07 am | Published by | Comments Off on Arsene Wenger Revealed Alexis Sanchez Is Out…
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sanchez set to miss season opener

Sanchez set to miss for two weeks.

Arsene Wenger revealed that want away Alexis Sanchez is set to miss out for their season opener against Leicester on Saturday.

“Alexis is out for don’t know how long due to abdominal strain he picked up on Sunday morning”.

When reporter asked about Alexis focus towards the next season, the manager insist that Sanchez is very determined.

Arsenal fans are sure to be disappointed as they would love to see the Chilean wear the Arsenal jersey again in the new season.

Is Arsenal trying to cover up his transfer rumors by faking an injury news?

Looks not as when Wenger was asked if there is any other offer for their star man, the manager said that he will not speak about it in public or rather he won’t bother about it because “we are not open to any offers anyway” he said.