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Sanchez and Ozil are trying to land £350,000 a week to stay

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Arsenal duo wants huge wages

Sanchez and Ozil puts pressure on Arsenal in latest contract sage

Sanchez and Ozil are joining forces and are reportedly keeping each other updated to put pressure on Arsenal.

Both stars are going towards their final year contact at the club and is on a £140,00 a week contract.

Ozil was reportedly offered £280,000 a week but was rejected.

The german international performance has been brought up this season for his lack of passion while playing and was criticized for demanding high wages while not playing up to par.

Alexis Sanchez on the other hand, has been carrying the team by his own and scoring important goals but its spotted to be a frustrating figure towards his teammates for not doing well at times.

If Arsenal do not get both players to sign, they could leave on free after next season.

Only the worst could happen as it will be very difficult to replace both the players and have to pay huge amount of money to replace the quality of Ozil and Sanchez.

Two days ago, Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger has agreed on 2 year contract extension to stay at the club.

He has now been pressured to win the league title now that he is staying and definitely could not afford to lose both his star players at the moment.

Signing great players are also demanded from the directors and chiefs to ensure the club is competing for the league next season.

The manager has reportedly given £150 million to spend in the summer and request Wenger to spend big.

Only time will tell if the coach can keep the squad together and strengthen the team in order to achieve their goals.

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