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Manchester United Going For Ronaldo Amidst Tax Fraud In Spain

(1039 Views) June 19, 2017 5:12 am | Published by | Comments Off on Manchester United Going For Ronaldo Amidst Tax Fraud In Spain
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United going to bid for Ronaldo

Ronaldo could return to United with a huge bid PLUS David De Gea in the deal.

Cristiano Ronaldo shocked the world last week after reports were circling around the internet that he is looking to leave Real Madrid.

He has just signed a contract extension and said he will gladly play at Real Madrid till he is 41 years old.

To those who don’t know, Ronaldo is currently being investigated for £13 million tax fraud in Spain.

He is growing extremely frustrated with the issue and will opt to leave Spain if he is charged.

United fans and PSG fans are all excited as both clubs are the most possible destination for Ronaldo if he were to leave.

A return to Manchester would means a reunion with Jose Mourinho as they have work together at Real Madrid in the past.

United will be looking to table a huge bid PLUS David De Gea in order to make a dream return for the Real Madrid forward.

Plus, Alvaro Morata is heavily linked to be on the way to United from Real Madrid as well and probably could convince Ronaldo to join him as well.

Ronaldo is the most prolific goalscorer in the history of Real Madrid and has become a very important figure for both his club and country in recent years.

His numbers and records along with his 4 and upcoming 5th Balon D’Or is something remarkable and tremendous achievement.

Losing him will be a big loss for Real Madrid whether on club trophy achievements or financial success in the future because Ronaldo certainly plays a huge part in it.

Zinedine Zidane was reported to called Ronaldo to convince him from leaving while he is on holiday.

Ronaldo is currently on Confiderations Cup duty with Portugal and has kept his mouth tight shut to the press regarding the tax issue or his desire to leave Real Madrid.

Only after Confiderations Cup will we have more concrete news about the issue.

Mbappe, Lukaku, and Morata were the hot news in recent weeks but now Ronaldo’s future seems to top them all and the transfer window is looking very interesting at the moment and as a football fans, nothing is better than this.