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What is VAR (Video Assistant Referee), Good or Bad for football?

(1253 Views) June 19, 2017 10:45 am | Published by | Comments Off on What is VAR (Video Assistant Referee), Good or Bad for football?
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VAR introduction to football

Fans has divided opinion on VAR introduction to football.

If you wonder what is VAR in football, it is a system called Video Assistant Referee to review every goal that scored before the referee makes the decision on whether the goal should be counted or not.

It was introduced last night on Confiderations Cup and sad to say, it is pretty weird.

In Portugal’s match, Pepe goals was disallowed after VAR prove that he was on an offside position.

The players were celebrating in taking the lead but left in wonder and needed to wait for the review before the referee deciding the goal to not be allowed.

On the other match between Chile and Cameroon, Vargas thought he score with his effort and celebrated with his teammates and then the referee voted to use VAR to review the goal on the big screen.

Again, the goal is not allow and Vargas was in disbelief.

Seconds before the end of the game, Vargas was again on target to make it 2-0 but this time the VAR video shows he was offside this time but the referee allows it to be a goal.

Lots of people suggested that the goal should not have stood and saying the referee allows the goal to be counted to make amends for the first goal mistake on Vargas earlier in the match.

The VAR system definitely slows the game down. Whether it is to be fair for the game or not like the goal line technology, this is on a different scale.

Unlike goal line technology, it is rarely use unless the situation occurs it to be used.

But VAR on the other hand, is used after every goal to see if there is any players who is on an offside position during a free kick, corner or even a on play through ball situation.

If every goals have to be review, then there would be no more goal celebration as the player themselves would have to wait for the VAR video to confirm.

Even if there would be any celebration after the video review, the feeling and the atmosphere will be totally differ than when the goal was just scored rather than celebrating a few minutes later after watching the VAR.

Football with VAR is not really compatible as the adrenaline rush will not be there anymore and makes the game a whole lot boring while waiting for a goal decision.

The game is all about the passion of footballer’s and the fans and it will be taken away with VAR surely.

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