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Arsenal Legend Says Theo Walcott Should Leave Arsenal

(1077 Views) October 25, 2017 5:23 pm | Published by | Comments Off on Arsenal Legend Says Theo Walcott Should Leave Arsenal
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theo walcott should leave arsenal says ian wright

Should Walcott leave Arsenal for his own good?

Ian Wright suggests that Theo Walcott should leave Arsenal for the sake of his career.

Known for his quick pace and finishing, he was quickly compared to Arsenal record goalscorer, Thierry Henry.

He twice ran over Liverpool defense that showed similarity with Henry who has done few memorable individual goals too.

Theo signed for Arsenal in 2006. He had a great run and was on form during his early years.

But due to his complicated injury, he was sidelined for quite some time everytime he is injured.

And when he do comeback, he is just not as sharp as before.

He rarely run at defenders with his pace anymore.

All he do is to run in behind defenders hoping to catch the backline off guard.

With Arsenal using 3-4-3 formation since end of last season, the winger play second fiddle to Chamberlain most of the games.

The formation requires a wing back who could travel up and down the field who is good at both attack and defense.

Theo is not known for his defending abilities and hasn’t been using his pace most of the time due to his injury problem previously.

He is now spending more time working out to stay injury free.

The pace and speed is still there though. But not really shown in games.

Without his pace, he looks like an average player who give and go in the field.

His finishing ability is good but has been slowly diminishing lately.

Dribbling skill is very lacking.

Compare to those who has lesser pace than him, players like Mahrez and Coutinho have great dribbling ability to go pass players with ease without much pace.

Walcott has already spent 13 years in Arsenal and have yet fulfill his potential.

Ian Wright thinks that the Arsenal winger should leave for a new adventure to kick start his career again as he is reaching the end of his 20s which is considered as peak of every football player.