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Wenger On Sanchez, Oxlade Chamberlain And Jack Wilshere

(1374 Views) August 16, 2017 9:57 am | Published by | Comments Off on Wenger On Sanchez, Oxlade Chamberlain And Jack Wilshere
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sanchez not for sale

Wenger confirms Sanchez not signing and refuses to sell Chamberlain to Chelsea.

Arsenal are still back at square one regarding Sanchez, Ozil contract situation.

To make things worse, Oxlade Chamberlain has also refused to sign an extension with one year left in his contract.

No progress and same old Arsenal.

Only thing that has changed is the how the manager Arsene Wenger handle the situation.

The boss is very strong in his decision and stands firm in not selling any of their star players even if it would cost the club financial hit when the players leave for free.

Known for careful spending and ensure the club has good financial profits every season, you would expect him to buy carefully and sell to boost the club’s financial aspect.

This summer though, Wenger broke the club transfer record for Lacazette and is refusing to sell Sanchez who has spoken publicly he would want to leave for Champions League football.

In previous era, the manager will not think twice and will sell the player who does not wish to play for the club.

During an interview earlier today in Arsenal HQ, Wenger is adamant that Oxlade Chamberlain who is heavily linked with Chelsea for the past few days, will not be sold.

Chamberlain refused to sign Arsenal contract

The manager rate the wing back highly after comes up in rank last season with Arsenal new 3-4-3 formation system which suits Chamberlain style of play.

Although Ozil is most likely to sign out of them all, there is still no new from both camps.

On Sanchez, Wenger confirms that he will not sign the contract by saying “At the moment, he is not looking to sign so there is no progress on that”.

Also on Jack Wilshere, he says that the English midfielder has to have more games to stay fit in order to make any further decisions.

He is currently making appearances for Arsenal U-23 and Championship side Aston Villa are said to be interested in Wilshere.

Villa interested in Wilshere

So if he is not signing, what is Arsenal actually doing?

Is Wenger really going to let the likes of Sanchez, Ozil and Chamberlain to run out their contract and leave the Emirates for FREE to rivals?

Not sure about Ozil and Chamberlain but based on all the rumors for the past few weeks, Alexis Sanchez has accepted that the club will not sell him and is willing to play out his contract and leave.

There is no positive progress whatsoever and it could prove to be a huge loss for Arsenal if their star players are to leave while not winning any domestic competitions and qualify for the Champions League again at the end of the season.

He doesn’t look too happy with the situation and there are claims that he could be faking injury to delay his own return to the squad to try last ditch effort to transfer away.

So will these players still a Gooner or Goner at the end this year’s September?