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Wenger : “Sanchez and Ozil could leave in January”

(1072 Views) October 12, 2017 4:39 pm | Published by | Comments Off on Wenger : “Sanchez and Ozil could leave in January”
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Ozil and Sanchez could leave in January

Arsene Wenger preparing to cash in on star players.

Before the season began, Wenger is adamant that both his star player Ozil and Sanchez will not be sold at any circumstances.

Truthfully, both Sanchez and Ozil has played only a little part so far for the club.

Ozil has missed out for a few games due to an injury and Sanchez although he has played a few games, he don’t look to have much interest to be playing for the club.

When asked about Sanchez mentality coming back to the club this weekend after losing out on World Cup qualification next year, “I am not sure yet. I would have to ask him but I have watched the whole match yesterday, and he got bad treatment physically”.

That could means Sanchez could miss trip to Watford due to not being 100% fit.

When it comes to the main concern of both his players contract situation, “I have heard that Ozil situation is that he wants to stay but we are far from announcing anything”.

“We are still accessing every situation on their contracts”, he added.

This could mean there is still a possibilities that both the players could leave as early as January when the transfer window re-opens.

Wenger could cash in on them rather than letting them leave for free at the end of the season after their performance so far has not really up to expectation to be honest.

PSG looks to be interested in Sanchez and Ozil are linked with United but his asking wages could be a problem especially after his recent performances.